Light suggestion for Specialized Turbo Levo

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Light suggestion for Specialized Turbo Levo

Beitragvon Aeronard » 29.12.2018, 19:48

Which Lupine light would you recommend for the new Specialized Turbo Levo?
According to Specialized,
the Brose Mag S is able to supply "12V / 24W, 2A max"
The current Lupine SL S for Brose only makes use of 6V.
Besides the soon available SL SF, which Lupine light, with the SL form factor, can I connect to my Levo?
The SL A, SL B for Bosch?
Also, it appears the Levo has no light switch.
Can one connect a rear light by splicing the wires for the SL light, to make the integrated switch on the SL control the rear light as well?
Thank you.

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