Betty upgrade - 1st gen upgrade to?

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Betty upgrade - 1st gen upgrade to?

Beitragvon bdaghisallo » 01.09.2014, 18:47

I have not had to use my Betty in about four years and I am trying to determine whether I should upgrade it to current levels, and buy a new battery, or if I should simply buy a new lightset, perhaps the Wilma.

I am hoping someone can tell me what the first ever upgrade to the Betty raised the light output to. I bought my Betty when the model was first released ( it has the external switch) and upgraded it once, when an upgrade was first made available. Does anyone recall what that first upgrade kit raised the Betty lumen output to?

That would help me determine which purchase/upgrade path I should pursue.

Thanks very much,

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Re: Betty upgrade - 1st gen upgrade to?

Beitragvon pioneer_56 » 05.09.2014, 09:40

The first one went from the original 800 or so lumen to an actual output around the claimed 1400 I believe. The next upgrade was near Betty II internal pcs model which bumped the ouput up to 1750 I believe. Then the upgrades for that went to 1900+ lumen depending on the beam angle. The last of the original Betty II's made it to 2600 before the Betty R came along. You can upgrade your external pcs Betty up to 2600 now with this kit:
It will make a MASSIVE difference if you only have the first upgrade now in your light. If you plan on doing anything in the dark, it would be the best option to get the latest upgrade and a new battery. Hope that helps some.
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