Different shape of the lighthead / lightbeam

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Different shape of the lighthead / lightbeam

Beitragvon michael72 » 05.03.2014, 08:41

I'm using the Pico X duo for trail running (and loving it!). As I have a kid, most of my running is done during the night and the night is long in the winter season here in Norway :D

One thing I've noticed is that all lights for trail running are pretty much the same. The light beam is round and distributes the light evenly. But when I run trails I would really wish for a lighthead that gave me kind of an "oval" light, directing more of the light to the front of me and farther ahead, rather than to the sides. I need to look ahead more than I need to look to the sides. Have you, Lupine, looked into this and tried variations in the shape of the lightbeam and if yes, then what were your conclusions?


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